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The MARSUPIAL provides the solution to a problem you weren't aware you might have.


Patients who undergo surgery for a variety of procedures (mastectomy, tummy tuck, abdominal surgery, "mommy makeovers", breast surgery, etc.) sometimes receive post-surgical drains or pain pumps.  While these are routine for the healthcare community, they are far from routine for the typical patient.  Many questions and concerns arise, such as:  "How am I going to resume my normal activity with drains?"  "What if the kids see them and get scared?" "How am I going to hold the drains while I am in the shower?"  "What if I need to leave the house and someone sees them?"  The MARSUPIAL is the answer to those questions and more.  

How It Can Help:
  • Keeps drains and tubes in place without tugging or tangling

  • No sharp pins or tape required

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Designed to be worn in shower, when bathing is permitted by your physician

  • Pouches hold up to 2 JP-style drains/tubes or pain pumps

  • Premium-grade 3" wide belt is covered in plush terrycloth

  • Can be worn on waist, hips, or where comfortable

  • Unisex design

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"The Marsupial Pouch is a wonderful creation and solves so many problems in one.  Beyond the comfort it offered, I believe the best help it was for me was the ability to go into public and not worry about humiliation or alarming others with the sight of the drainage material."

                       Brandie L., Palm City, Florida

YOUR Stories . . . 




“At a very difficult time in my life, the Marsupial 

gave me one less thing to worry about.”

Lori M., Sacramento, CA







My baby was less than 2 months old when I had my surgery.  Using the Marsupial allowed me to continue to hold him without the fear of his little feet getting caught in the drain tube!"

Gale V., Fort Wayne, IN

Freedom To Recuperate With Ease Starts with The MARSUPIAL!
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