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Post-surgical drains.  You've just been told you will receive them following your surgical procedure.  Drains?  What are drains?  Then the real questions begin:


  • How do you manage them?  

  • How do you move around with drains?  

  • How do you resume your daily life while recuperating?  

  • What are you supposed to do with them if you are able to shower?  

  • What if you have trouble working the pins or tape typically provided?

  • What if you can't put your arms over your head to slide on a pouched cami or other garment?

  • And, what if they scare the kids?  


It was with these questions, from a breast cancer survivor who happened to be in this situation and who was a textile designer, that the MARSUPIAL was created.  

Fabricated in a soft, highest spa-quality, luxurious-feeling 100% cotton terry cloth, the MARSUPIAL takes the guesswork out of what to do with the drains and their cumbersome tubing.  It is comfortable to wear, whether positioned on the waist, hips or somewhere in between.  A 3" wide high-quality latex belt is encased in super soft, spa-quality plush terry cloth, with a large 5" long velcro fastening.  Each pouch measures 6" tall from pouch opening to bottom, and 6.5" wide.  The belt can be worn as snugly or loosely as needed without worry about rough surfaces touching delicate skin.  If you are permitted to shower by your physician, the MARSUPIAL may be worn to provide full use of hands for safety and convenience.  Simply toss the wet belt and pouch into the washer, and slip on a dry set.





  • Freedom to shower (when permitted) -  helping to manage drains, so hands 

       are free to handle slippery soap, shampoo, etc. 

  • Freedom to sleep, sit, resume normal activities

  • The way to keep drains in place, so tubing does not pull, tug or tangle

  • No fumbling with pins or tape

  • Easy for older patients to manage

  • Adjustable!   The belt adjusts to fit your waist or hip size

  • Able to be worn under or over clothing

  • Plush terry cloth that is kind and gentle to skin

  • Easy to wear, without needing to lift arms overhead or strain to wear

  • Free from harsh or rough fabrics that dig or pinch skin

  • Adjustable!  Pouches move to correct position for your drains

  • The best way to keep drains and tubing, and their unattractive contents, out of sight

  • Your way to recuperate without worry of how to handle or manage those drains

  • Easy to remove drains for measuring and emptying fluid





FREEDOM to recuperate, regain your life, and resume your daily activities in comfort and security!

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