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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the questions we are asked most about the MARSUPIAL. If you do not see your particular question listed below, please contact us and we'll do our best to assist you!

I am not sure how many drains I will receive.  How do I order the right pouch combination?

Your surgeon should have an idea of how many drains are typically placed during your particular surgery; however, this can change based on many factors.  If you are unsure and feel it may be more than two (2) drains, we recommend purchasing the two belt, two pouch combination, as it is the most versatile - you can add the second pouch to your single belt/pouch combination, for use with four (4) drains; or you can wear one, wash one and switch it out.  Additional pouches can also be ordered to further customize to your particular needs.  We recommend ordering the MARSUPIAL prior to your surgery so you have it upon discharge from hospital or immediately following surgery.  Typical shipping is ground, however, several air shipping options are available if required.



How do I know what size belt to get?

The MARSUPIAL belt is made of a very stretchy plush terry cloth.  The velcro strips that secure the belt together are very strong, measuring at 5" long by 2" wide. The REGULAR size belt will stretch fairly long to accommodate most waist and hip sizes, typically for a man's size L or a woman's size 20-24.  But, to ensure a completely comfortable fit, since this belt will typically be worn at least 1-2 weeks, if sizing is close to the larger scale of the REGULAR fit size, we recommend sizing up to the EXTRA LARGE belt.  If either belt appears to be too large, we recommend pulling the belt together to fit comfortably, and adding a safety pin to ensure a secure fit. (The goal is to have as much of the velcro fastening the belt as possible - in some cases, a safety pin may be needed to provide additional security if the belt needs to be cinched in tighter, or adjusted to fit looser).  Additionally, if this is being ordered for use post-abdominal surgery and the belt may be worn lower on the hips, a larger size may be more comfortable.



My doctor said I will be able to shower.  Can I wear the MARSUPIAL in the shower?

Yes! The MARSUPIAL was designed for, and provides you with the ability to get in and out of the shower without holding on to those drains and tubes!  It is perfect for showering, when your doctor permits it, allowing you hands-free drain management.  When you are finished showering, simply wring out the belt and pouch, and toss in the washer and dryer.  If you purchase the two belt / two pouch, or two belt / four pouch combinations, you'll have a dry set to put on after your shower while the other set is being cleaned/dried.



Is the MARSUPIAL machine washable?

Yes!  Simply secure the velcro fastener on the belt, and toss the belt and pouch, or just the pouch(es) in the washer on a regular cycle.  It can be drip dried or machine dried.  Bleach may cause slight discoloration to the belt, but does not affect the product usability.



How do I use the MARSUPIAL?

The MARSUPIAL is very easy to assemble and wear.  Complete instructions for use are included in each belt bag.  Simply remove the belt from the package and unfasten it.  There are two ends each with heavy-duty velcro fasteners - identify the smooth end and thread the pouch onto the belt through the end of the loop at the top of the pouch.  Repeat if you have multiple pouches.  Fit the belt around your waist or hips, or where it is most comfortable for you, and securely press the Velcro ends together.  The belt is elasticized for fit.  If needed to cinch belt to a smaller frame, safety pins may also be used to help secure the belt, and you can tuck any excess belt ends into a pouch.  Slide the pouches to the best postioning for that of your drain(s).  Carefully place your drain(s) inside the pouches so they are upright.  You can also tuck excess tubing into the pouches.  Drains can be easily removed and emptied and replaced back into the pouch.  Each pouch will hold up to two (2) JP-style drains or a pain pump.



I want to give the MARSUPIAL as a gift for someone receiving surgery.  Can I order for them and have it shipped to them?

The MARSUPIAL makes a wonderful gift for someone you know who will be having surgery that will require drains.  It is a thoughtful and caring gesture.  We are happy to do this - on the Paypal payment page, there is a "Contact Seller" button that you can click and indicate any gift instructions.  Be sure to include the recepient's shipping address where indicated in the Shipping Address field.  We will ship the MARSUPIAL on your behalf.  Each MARSUPIAL is wrapped in colored tissue paper and sealed with a label before it is boxed, so it arrives already gift-wrapped!  Be sure to order in plenty of time for the recipient to receive prior to their surgery, or have ready immediately upon discharge from hospital.



What is the return / warranty policy?

Please contact our Customer Service department for additional information.



Does the MARSUPIAL contain latex?

The belt does contain natural, rubber latex in the elastic banding.  It is covered with the terry cloth fabric.



Is the MARSUPIAL available outside of the United States?

Currently, the MARSUPIAL is only available for sale in the United States.




Is the MARSUPIAL available for wholesale purchase?

Yes!  We have hospitals, clinics and doctors offices who order the MARSUPIAL through our wholesale purchase program. Please contact our customer service team to assist you with wholesale pricing options and let us help you add the MARSUPIAL to your post-surgical product line or provide to your patients.  It is a thoughtful way to provide excellence in care right through to the post-surgery process.




Is the MARSUPIAL reimbursable?

We do not guarantee that the MARSUPIAL is reimbursable when purchased as a wholesale product by hospital, surgery center or physician's office, or on a retail basis, as there are many different insurance and HCPSC codes available, but the following may be helpful in trying to obtain reimbursement:


                                                                         HCPCS Code:    A6154    Wound Pouch

                                                                         HCPCS Code:    A9272    Wound Suction & Equipment

                                                                         HCPCS Code:    A9999    Miscellaneous


We strongly recommend you check with your provider or coding department to ascertain if any of the above suggested codes will result in reimbursement.


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