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"During the course of five months, I could not have showered, could not have rolled around the bed, and could not have worn street clothes. The Marsupial gave me the comfort of holding the drains without soiling my clothes. I wore the Marsupial over pants and skirts with a shirt over it. I could easily go to the store and could easily use the restroom without having to unpin the drains every time, thanks to the Marsupial."

A Breast Reconstructive Patient

"I would love to see the Marsupial in every doctor's office.  It is so comfortable to wear and easy to use. I would recommend every mastectomy patient have one of these given to her prior to surgery."

Nancy W., Greenville, SC

"The nice thing about the Marsupial Pouch

is that it is designed by a former patient for patients.  Its functionality is insightful

because she has been there.  It helps

facilitate an easier recovery from

breast cancer surgery because it has

a patient-friendly pouch."                                       Dr. Mary Rippon, Director 

Breast Health Center

Greenville Hospital System

Greenville, SC

"Patients like the Marsupial pouch because it makes dealing with the drains easier. I like it because they are soft and non cumbersome."                                       Paula Welch, RN

Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Atlanta, GA


"Nurses appreciate using the Marsupial in the hospital when ambulating patients . . . 

Patients like it because it means less pulling at the site."                 Lyn Ceronsky, CNS

United Hospital, St. Paul, MN

"Hospitals would contribute greatly to patient comfort if the Marsupial was provided to each woman after her mastectomy or surgery.  The Marsupial removed the need for pinning the tubes to the clothing or taping them on the skin." 



"The Marsupial pouch was so comfortable and so helpful!  The best part was not dealing with safety pins hurting all over my skin and it was so easy to shower.  I told my surgeon every patient needs to know about the Marsupial Pouch."

Laurie K., Port St. Lucie, FL 

"I would recommend the Marsupial to all women who undergo breast surgery and are discharged with drains.  Any product that eases recovery should be available.”    

Judith Macon, RN, MA Program coordinator of

The Betty Ford Comprehensive Breast Center

Columbia Hospital/Women's Medical Center - Washington, DC

"I think The Marsupial is a fantastic aid to patients. I have used it in the past and it is a wonderful product." 
Carl Hartrampf Jr., MD

Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Atlanta, GA


"The belt and pouch are perfect for hiding drains and keeping out of my way.  Discreet for those of us who want to forget the drain is there and keeping nosey folks at a distance."

Current Post-Surgical Patient

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