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The MARSUPIAL is available in several belt / pouch configurations based on the number of surgical 

drains / pain pumps you might require.  Each pouch holds up to two (2) JP-style drains or a pain pump.

Want to customize your order?  Add-A-Pouch (or two!).  


We recommend ordering the MARSUPIAL to arrive prior to your surgery date, so it is ready to wear as

soon as you receive your drains or upon discharge from hospital.  The MARSUPIAL makes a wonderful,

thoughtful gift for someone you know who will be undergoing surgery!  If you need additional pouches, 

please contact Customer Service to further customize your MARSUPIAL order.




                  SIZING GUIDELINES: 


                     REGULAR BELT:               Adult sizes S, M, L         Men's waist sizes 26-38"             Women's sizes   2-24

                     EXTRA LARGE BELT:        Adult sizes XL-XXL         Men's waist sizes 40-54"             Women's sizes  26-28


                     POUCHES are one size fits all belts.


       Fit Hint:  For those who wear women's size 0-4, or for children, we recommend using a safety pin in addition to velcro fastener

provided, and wearer wrap belt snugly around waist or hips, and pin excess belt together, or tuck excess belt into pouch.


If purchasing for abdominal drains, and belt will be worn lower on hips rather than at waist,

we recommend purchasing size comfortable for hip size rather than waist.


Need to add an extra pouch to your Marsupial order?  Click here to contact Customer Service and we will customize your order!

Note:  Drains shown below are for illustration purposes only.

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