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"I recently had a lumpectomy

and my drains stayed in for two

weeks.  I think the Marsupial is

the greatest product.  Having it

was so helpful to me, that I am

ordering one for a friend

getting ready to have surgery

next week."

Mary H., Dallas, TX

"Two things: First, thank you to a friend of a friend who told me to find this amazing product. Second, I encourage you to buy this, esp(ecially) if you are having double mastectomy, as this has been truly helpful to me, my husband, and my nurse. It kept the long tubes easy to loop and manage... and the drains less cumbersome normally just pinned to the bra. In fact, the drain pouches are movable so you can slide it from sides to center, so you can sit or recline comfortably on your back without worrying about crushing your drains if you moved from side to side. It really is neat-- washable, easy to use, and easy to care for. I wore it throughout the time I had my drains. My husband just loved it... and even my surgeons and nurses. It may be a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it!"

Lettie H., Costa Mesa, CA

"I had liposuction done.  In addition to a drain, I also had a catheter for pain.  I wore two pouches, one for the drain and one for the container holding the pain medication.  It made going to the bathroom much easier and put my mind at ease.  The waistband is comfortable and I felt the ability to adjust it made it simple and easy, even while recovering from anesthesia and surgery."

Sandi Blankenship,

Director, AIMA Maternity Hospital



"I recently used the Marsupial Pouch after having a breast reconstruction, mastopexy, and grade IV Baker Contracture correction performed.  Hearing that you will be restricted is disheartening, finding out that you will have an external drain attached for 1 week + is a heart sinking feeling.  Before I received the Marsupial I was restricted to the house in fear that the drain could experience a plethora of issues such as: leaking on me, or in public; being seen and being humiliated; catching on something and potentially causing myself an emergent situation.  When I received the Marsupial Pouch I was able to leave the house and go get my hair washed, make small journeys to see family and go to eat dinner.  The design is perfect and allowed for both the  drain and tubing to discreetly fit

into the pouch without causing unwanted

attention from others.  The ONLY

reason I was able to attend Mother's

Day festivities was because of

the pouch.  Thank you from 

the bottom of my heart!!"

Brandie L., Palm City, FL

"I love this item! I had two left drains and one right drain post-surgery and was looking for a way to keep them safely out of my way. I didn't want to limit myself to one garment but I had plenty of large shirts that fit just fine over one belt with two pouches. When I got down to just one drain, I could shower with one belt and pouch while putting on the other one afterward, clean and dry. The item arrived quickly when I needed it and met the need perfectly."

A Testimonial from 

"Using The Marsupial was wonderful and the hospital staff was very impressed. And of course, I told them where to get it."
Jill S., Glendale, CA

"Of all the drain pouches (I) saw online, (I) thought The Marsupial Pouch was by far the most feminine and comfortable looking one. (I) am excited to order this for my daughter."

Norma C.

"I had a double mastectomy a while ago...the drains were taken out too soon. I have to go in and get the drains put back in because of fluid build-up. I definitely want to use The Marsupial this time. My doctor told me to bring it with me."
A Long Island - NY patient

"The Marsupial Pouch was great!!! The nurses in the hospital and my surgeon thought they were the best!!! The surgeon put it on me right in the operating room!!"
Susan P., Ellenburg, WA

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